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"Never thought we would be at risk"

Ignorance is bliss, but not when it comes to protecting your business critical information.

NOX provides Security Awareness training to create awareness among the people within your organization.

The importance of the proper handling of confidential data and the security of the electronically available information is crucial.

Phishing, Malware, Ransomware are real threats.

The continuity of your business is often more at risk than you might think.

Why, for example, it is not desirable for an employee to send data to his or her private email to continue working on it at home. Why do you need to make sure your computers and other devices connected to your network always have the latest versions of installed software? You will learn this and much more during the workshops.

NOX is happy to help you create an IT security policy that suits your organization.

This allows you to guarantee maximum availability of your data and accessibility of systems in accordance with legal guidelines.

Have you ever calculated what a day, week or not having access to your computers and data at all would mean for you?

How many hours per day are computers, network, VOIP telephony used?

NOX likes to make an objective and non-binding analysis and plan of action.

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