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Forensic services

Finding evidence in a crime investigation is key. Clues, traces, or in case of data theft the information that is stolen. We assist governments, military and law enforcement , enterprise or private security companies.

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Data recovery and extraction

We live in an information society. Communicate and store all our information off- and online. Smartphones, USB drives, notebooks and 'the Cloud" What if this data is no longer accessible. Risks like Ransomware is a serious threat.  Phones can hold crucial information. In cases of company espionage or fraud the suspect is likely not to give access. IN case of hardware failure the data is no longer available in a normal way.

We offer assistance in extracting and recovering data from from offline sources such as computers, storage hardware : USB sticks, hard drives, smartphones. 

Recover password protected or encrypted files and drives.


All our data is synchronised and must be available everywhere we go. Online services such as Apple, Google and other cloud services can contain valuable data.

We often can extract , recover and reconstruct.

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Forensic Data Analysis

Recovering and extracting data is one thing.

Rebuilding and reconstructing vast amounts of information in order to be able to analyse and find what you are looking for is work for experts.

Decipher and link data from different sources and find traces that lead to answers

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